Black Rice With Kheer from Imphal


Black Rice with Kheer

In the Govindevji temple in Imphal, kheer is served with a small portion of black rice. The contrasting colors are a visual treat while the complementing textures tease the palate.

Black Rice with Kheer from Govindev ji Temple, Imphal

Black Rice with Kheer from Govindev ji Temple, Imphal

Deep purple Black Rice

Rather than black in color it is deep purple, due to its high content of anthocynins. This was also called the ‘forbidden rice’ as it is consumed only by the Chinese emperors and not available to commoners. A high proven and carbohydrate quotient makes it very healthy but difficult to digest so it is served in very small portions. we were firmly denied a second helping !


Black Rice

Black Rice

Recipe of the Month – Kamrak ka Bilsaru


Known as star fruit, kamrak is a visual delight and its tartness dances on the palate. The high content of vitamin C is a preventive measure during winters when we are prone to coughs and colds. This is the perfect delicious way to keep colds at bay.


250 gms Kamrak

1kg Sugar and water to make a strong chasni

1gm kesar

½ tsp finely powdered elaichi


Peel skin and slit kamrak

(You will not be able to resist the mouth-watering sour aroma so lightly salt a piece and pop into your mouth before you continue)

Make a strong powdery chasni and add elaichi and kesar.

Quickly add  Kamrak and stir to coat lightly

Allow to set.

This can be enjoyed over the next 15 days.